Poorly installed air ducts leak and are costly because they add lots of wear and tear to your heating/air conditioning system. The wasted energy from leaky air ducts means higher utility bills. Air duct repair can help prevent these problems.

  • Comfort Level isn’t Good Enough. Rooms occasionally feel stuffy and are difficult to cool down or heat up. If you’ve turned up the heating or air conditioning and the temperature is uncomfortable, it could be a leaky air ducts fault.
  • Damaged Ducts. If your air ducts appear rusted or crushed, there may be an issue with the air duct sealing.
  • Unhealthy Dust Build-up. If you notice dust in the air, it may be time to get your air ducts inspected and thoroughly cleaned.

Dust particle build up and Mold can cause headaches, breathing problems and even colds. A Pro Air includes a duct inspection with every Tune-up or Service call.  We will help you minimize your exposure to these air borne hazards, purify the air you breathe and even balance the humidity levels in your home when needed.

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