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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My name is Ted Garcia, owner of A Pro Air Heating and A/C, Inc. I have been in the heating and air conditioning business since 1972, that’s almost 50 years! Like you I would like to get back to normal finally. It has been a very challenging time in our lives, and we have all had to adjust due to hurricanes, Covid-19, and now inflation and global uncertainty.

Air Purification that Kills Viruses
As you can probably already imagine we have had many service requests about concerns regarding indoor air purification and questions about killing viruses, mold and bacterial growth inside the existing ductwork and throughout many heating and A/C systems. So many people have had to remain indoors much of the time that we have to focus on air quality much more than the normal.

Significant Material Shortages
Health concerns haven’t been the only cause of concern with this mess. Who would have believed the toilet paper shortages of 2020? Far more shortages are taking place now as the circus marches on. Basic materials like aluminum and glass are in short supply. Vital Heating and Cooling parts we rely on to keep our neighbors comfortable are in short supply and often back ordered 6-10 weeks or more. We’ve stockpiled the most common compressors, but it’s a bad time for home comfort equipment to fail.

Protect Your Equipment, Family and Comfort
It always makes sense to have your heating and air conditioning systems and ductwork inspected and calibrated to make sure that they are working e ciently BEFORE the weather gets bad and break-downs occur. With the shortages happening right now, it’s more important than ever to take care of your home comfort equipment.

Some of the services we provide are:

Ductwork – inspections, repairs, and alterations. Got any hot spots or areas that are not as comfortable as others? We can help. We specialize in air ow adjustments.

Zoning – Do you have multiple thermostats and only one A/C and heating system? We can help. We provide service, repairs, and maintenance of all brands of Zoning systems to make sure that they function properly and e ciently. We can also modify your current system to add control to more areas of your home.

Room Air Conditioners –Mini Split systems give you a ordable comfort in areas of your home that just don’t stay comfortable without ripping up your ceiling and adding new ductwork. The wildly e cient mini split system can turn your new garage conversion or back yard shed o ce into the coolest room in the house.

Air Conditioning –Have you experienced higher than normal Utility bills, have you had to add freon to your system in the past, is your A/C running all the time, does your home seem humid or uncomfortable? We can help. We provide preventive maintenance, Tune ups, inspections, repairs, and upgrades to heating and A/C equipment that is a ordable, highly e cient and that saves you money month after month for

Furnaces – Have you had your heating system professionally checked to make sure that no carbon monoxide leaks are present when the heating unit is in use? Have the gas connections been checked to make sure that there are no gas leaks or your equipment is not using too much gas when it is working? We can help with a heating system safety check up also.

Water Leaks – Have you had water stains or sheetrock damage to ceilings, walls, carpet or other property damages due to over owing water? We can help. We o er preventive maintenance plans to keep your equipment in tip top shape.

Need a new High Efficiency Energy Saving System? We can help. We offer very low monthly payment plans, as low as $99.00 per month. The new high efficiency systems can provide you and your family many years of comfort and savings with No Money Down.* When you ¬figure in the money saved on lower utility bills, your out of pocket costs are very low. We have the best labor and equipment warranties in the industry including up to a lifetime replacement warranty for some furnaces and air conditioners. You could never have to buy heating and cooling equipment ever again!

Call Now to schedule your Summer seasonal Tune-up
(regular price $179.99) and SAVE $100.00

For a limited time you can get your furnace and A/C checked, a duct system inspection and a free in home evaluation of your entire heating and A/C system for only $79.99**

We have provided services for many of your neighbors, and we look forward to serving you.

Don’t procrastinate, don’t delay. Call 281-485-4627 now to set up your appointment.

We provide Same Day Service when possible. We have 24-hour Emergency Service and Our phones are answered 24 hours a day 365 days a year for your convenience.

Thank you for your time and patience reading this rather lengthy letter. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.

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